Happy birthday Jia xiang!
I wish ya happiness and lucks in everything. You’re a really nice person, so you deserve nothing but the best! Really glad to have a friend like you 😉

Since January, dance has been never-ending, and as if like it’s been part of our life, a routine. We’ve gone through so many injuries and blue blacks, tiring and intensive trainings, funny and unforgettable moments. SYF really brought HI dance club together, we bonded and improved tremendously through these months. And through all these, i really learnt what it means by not giving up and standing up again after every fall; remember there were times when we just feel like quitting and thought we could take it no more? But we didn’t. Yes indeed, today’s result filled every of us with disappointment, especially Clare who pushed and trained us so hard. Let’s just get over and done with it, we wouldn’t give up our passion because of a small set-back, right?! After all, we journeyed with other a long way, we gave in all on the 29th of march and what remains are beautiful memories and no regrets.

After SYF, Beaunice and Lynna came over, we slept so soundly like as if it’s the only thing left to do! Now that dance trainings is over, and studies is all it matters now. It’s my last lap i’m running after years. Sadly, but only becuz it’s reality, fun time is over and I really really need to get serious and stand strong even though there’s so many obstacles ahead. All the way, Cheryl 🙂

Tomorrow is April already, say bye to March!