Just as I was going on wordpress, i started to recalled my day, and I was about to wallow in self pity and sob again. I don’t know what’s gotten into me or whatever, or why the hell am I so careless. Then there were so many ‘what ifs’ in my mind, like what if i read it more carefully from the start and all, maybe i could have do well.  If you are lost and clueless ’bout what i’m saying, it’s my physics ‘o’ level SPA. But anyways then again it’s only ‘maybe’ it didn’t happen, and i’ve got to accept it. I quit being like that since afew hours ago because this is so not me, I absolutely hate being sad. Whats more i got so many other reasons to be happy 🙂

This few days were unimaginably great, because i feel so much better then before, despite so many unfortunate things happening around me. Or should I say, through all these, I learn to appreciate and love what I’ve got. It doesn’t matter if all these are ephemeral, cuz’ i got to experience things that people search aimlessly for their lifetime.

Digressing, March hols’ are here, the sad thing is that it’s not really considered as a holiday for us and it’s only a week. Of course, looking at the bright side, it’s time for some retail therapy! Did i mention how much i love spring collections? If I’ve got the money, I would just freaking buy every pieces of ’em. Oh and, I’m sooooo addicted to krop tees, it’s like my ecstasy now, I just can’t get enough. Also, i think it’s time for me to work out because I’m accumulating so much visceral fats by eating non-stop day to night, resulting in formation of a thick layer of fats at the tummy 😥

Lastly, most would already know about the horrendous natural disaster happening everywhere in the world. Earthquake, tsunami, what’s next? Many of the countries have already been shortlisted as potential place for natural disaster to happen. My heartfelt condolence to all the victims out there, let’s hope for all these to get over soon. Really, what’s with the world? What’s becoming of it? Okay don’t tell me, i don’t want to know! See’ya for now.