Hey hi hello.

credits to puny!

Oh no, this is seriously getting from bad to worst. Since January till now, i think i failed than pass more of my tests, LOL. It’s no laughing matter actually, i’m so careless that i could have seven more marks for my amath common test if i was more careful. But how the hell am i suppose to be more careful, like its easier said then done. I’m dreading my progress report, ahhhhhh. on the side note, did i mention i got darn awesome marks for my chinese?! I didn’t really do well since the beginning of chinese tests too, i guess i’m always lack of concentration and confidence 😦 And yes, i noticed that my posts nowadays all surrounds school life. My life is becoming more mundane each month, till i’m going berserk. tsk. Coming to think of it,  O’s is in around 9 more months, sounds so short la! When we’re given the time table for it, the sudden intense and nervousness already freaking us out!

Oh anyways, had a gathering with my dearest girls last Saturday. Can’t find the words to explain how awesome is it to gossip, laugh, and crap with them becuz we know each other best! And lastly, there’s so many little things left undone; like clearing my super duper uper thriple messy room, writing back to my ex-tutor in Switzerland etc. I feel darn bad cuz she wrote me a card in like January and i wanted to write back for cny, but failed tremendously. Oh and, i should start to be more hardworking and mug everyday! HOW FUN?!

I’ll think of something more interesting next time, but for now, bye!