Yes yes, scramble on, tell someone, tell the world! It’s all ’bout Chinese new year baby! So how was yours? Mine was not too bad. And the best thing about it is, my value of red packets increased like AGAIN. It’s something that I totally should rejoice, and people should keep it a tradition to raise them every year đŸ˜‰ Actually, it’s not really the best part. I guess the best part is family gathering, since we don’t really have time for each other, this is the best time where we sit down talk rubbish, drink till drunk, set your bets on the table AKA gamble! Since i have a really fun, crappy, and loving family, i never fail to love these gatherings especially with my dear cousins!

Okay, so basically, my luck wasn’t really there the past few days cuz’ i kept losing for blackjack. Which is like uber not a good thing. But i mean, we play for the fun of it right? So it don’t really matters. The second best part of chinese new year, for me, would be dressing up like some mad bitch. Nobody cares even if you’re so exaggerated becuz’ its CNY! I like shopping for clothes, so of course, it’s also a good excuse for me to shop more, teeheee. And then, it’s time to spam photographs! *CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK*

And this, can’t be missed out…. FOOD! Steamboat with all kinds of ingredients, suan pan zi, lou hei, bakkwa, sweeets. Oh gosh, it’s a no wonder i feel heavier then before. I know right, who can resist food?! I think I had at least 4 meals during the past 3 days, like i’m a glutton, like i haven’t eaten since decades. nomnomnomies~

It’s a year of the Rabbit, so i hereby wishing everyone prosperous in terms of health and wealth! Heehee, bye!