Suddenly i can’t work out things with my dad. A conversation started out right and always ended with a quarrel. I just wanted what other people have, a good phone, an ipod, a camera, you know like that rich dudes flashing them down the streets. Yes i probably am materialistic, and i kept thinking why people have it and i can’t. I know i am in the wrong partially, but who was the one who thought changing to a idealistic job was so easy and idealistic? Who’s the one who thought so highly of himself and thinks he’s always right? as if like adults don’t make mistakes, only teenagers does. what the hell, and yada yada. Quit complaining wtf. Yeah and now i probably gonna continue my effing awesome phone for quite some time. I’m so pissed, its always like that. Its not that simple as what people think.

Tomorrow will be a better day, right?