WOOHOOOO, it’s a whole new year! 黑皮 2011 😀

We survived through a year of difficulties, lots of ups and downs, sad moments and happy times. There were also times when problems keep trying to knock us down, but we stood back and strong up! We learnt many new things thru’ a lot of valuable lessons. 2011 will just keep getting better, let 2010 be the past, the year that we’ll smile and laugh at our mistakes when we reminisce about it! My resolution is simple: Just keep workin’ hard and do well in o’s, maintain my friendships and family, and of course not take things for granted. Like any other past years, 2011 will have its own challenge, but we’ll all overcome it together!

Anyways, I counted down with my family like earlier today. Was at Serangoon Garden. It was kind of interesting, and Hady Mirza is getting more handsome and vocals are definitely better! So is Rui-en. hehe. Now, i’m feeling kind of sick becuz i ran in the rain earlier. Oh, i remember someone told me, when you’re getting sick, just do what you do normally. Mind games. Rightz, i should be doing my homework now, bye!