Merry Christmas eve 🙂

So it seems like holiday just started and wala! it’s gonna end real soon. Mixed feeling becuz’ i’m kind of wanna get over with next year, but dare not face it. The last week of holiday for me will be clearing off all my homework. Thru’ this holiday, I had too much fun for my own good. I go out, shop, gatherings, till I lost my mind about studying. So this last 2 weeks shall be it, back to studying and no more fun.

This holiday had been rather fulfilling to me. Y’know, gossip girl, shop till I really really drop(as in broke$.$), hang out with my close friends like nobody’s business, and well, more things to go with. I wouldn’t say not going on a overseas trip this year is a pity, becuz i enjoyed my time here. Everything seems so slow and nice for the whole hols’ till now lah.

This whole year has been like an adventure. It hasn’t been a smooth year, but there’s still nice things about it of course. Like you know, how bad is my studies this year, procrastinating everyday and stuff. Good things would be that I’m close to my dance girls(Lynna, Chlo, Joany!) and part of our clique’s still in one-piece. My besties like Joan Beaunice Lina and view, always here for me. My classmate(esp. weifang, shawn, amira) coaching me in studies and encouraging me. Pepper and Bells as adorable as ever. My lovely family, especially my mom who sacrificed so much for us. Love you guys, thanks for being part of me!

Well, people have the habit of kicking you out of their life, i learnt that, took the hard way.Then of course, I’ll push them out of my life, being afraid they’ll hurt me. But it’s those really really true friends that’s willing to always stay with you. I made new friends, and I lost some. You wouldn’t gain if you don’t lose, right? Everybody makes impact on others, so i’ve learn that never step into someone’s life if you plan to leave. We all grew up, now we’re a year more mature, I guess we’ve just got to bury the hatchet and start afresh. Lay the past behind, stop the tears because we’ve got so much reason to smile, we’ve all learnt a lot this year. Now the year’s ended, it’s just only the new beginning of another. 2011 will be a better year 😉