Hello wordpress, I had an awesome Sunday at Fairmont hotel 😉

So Chlo and Quek drop by at my house at around 12 to bake cupcakes. Heehee. It was such a mess, especially with the icing and all. First attempt though, but not too bad after all! Then we proceeded to check in at the hotel. Lynna came, then Jiejun Desmond and Wilson. It’s so eepig, Wilson brought Lynna roses which brought us near to tears. But Lynna ran away.. I know right??? So in the mid of our doings, Lynna’s mom suddenly came. We didn’t told her that guys were coming, and they were like hiding in the balcony. It turned out that she was standing outside eavesdropping us for 15 minutes. We kind of got lectured, the guys then found it boring and they left. Lynna’s mom then went to pub, Lynna went with Wilson and co., Chlo went for dance with col. Me and quek was left, we played face games, hehehehe. Then they were all back(excluding wilson & co.), Galvin and his friend came. Lynna was so annoying, she can’t be herself when there’s other guys around, really. Blowed her cake, and we played Uno with her mini cards! Hehe, it was fun cause I was to first to game for like 2 times. We were then hungry so we went starbucks to grab a bite, went back out to watch wipe out, America’s next top model and SOCCER. So exciting, i know right!

So in the midst of the night, at like 4+, Wilson came back for Lynna. So nice right?! Yeah right, because I didn’t have place too, so i had to lie on the floor. Galv accompanied me though, and everyone fell asleep soon enough@ around 5+? Galv and his friend left at around 5.30. Wilson had to leave before Lynna’s mom came, HAHA. I had the dear bed back to me. Awesome Sunday♥

I kind of miss that line: 你有想我吗?In your lousy Chinese accent 😉 I don’t care if you’re like another sky, cause I had the most awesome days. I’m sorry I overreacted. And I don’t care anymore if you ever forget me as a friend, cause I know “要拿得起,也要放得下”, just give me time. A lot of ’em.