Next month, I’m gonna have my braces off. Good or bad thing? You decide. Frankly speaking, I kind of miss it, but yet I don’t wanna hold it on anymore longer because next year’s probably gonna be busy busy. To think that before that, I hated and dreaded it like as if i’m gonna die or something. It wasn’t so bad after all, instead I’m like loving it cause I love colours šŸ˜‰ Heehee, well, nothing good last forever though. So yeah, my last and final colour is baby blue. Prettaye!

And oh, don’t be late for Christmas! I’ve already had a Christmas tree set up at home, excited much! Love this season like hella,; astonishing ornaments, snow(in my dreams), snowglobes, weather, and practically anything you can think of!

See’y, xo.