Hello hello to wordpress!

The day started with me having a sleepless night. why? Caffine. I know right? Hey i’m not dumb, it’s just that caffine never really worked on me till yesterday. Second point is that, free coffee bean, who wouldn’t want?! So, tossed and turned through the night that seems really endless till around 6, and then i finally fell asleep. God knows how, but I woke up at 1+. Yeap, indeed I had an awesome day with Lina, we just sat around coffee bean(again) and chat for hours. So much to catch up on! Then finally we ended the day with supper at Cartel with Beaunice. But before that, what the frog i know, my shoe broke! Hey that’s bad, stop laughing.

So I haven’t really started my homework, which I should totally start soon. And plus bro is getting his PSLE results tomorrow, wonder how he did and all. Off I go, ciao.