Hey world. It’s funny how I am kind of worried bout homework and not touching it. I’ll start later? K promise? Promise.

I was the one who knew things about you first. Maybe not that you’ll come to me if there’s anything wrong, but it’s weird how I feel that you’re like, BFF. Did I just say that? HAHAHa, shucks, so childish of me. Well, seasons change, world spins, nothing remains the same. You know sometimes, I act like i don’t give a shit about it, but you don’t know how much it affects me. I wish i have no darn feelings sometimes, because they’re all so screwed up. After all, how can i not bother when people that were once so close to me, are walking away further and further. I wish I had the ability to read mind, you know. It’s like, I don’t know what people thinks sometimes, like hey stop confusing me will yah? It’s like asking me to stay but pushing me to the door.

You all don’t know how I feel? So this is how i freaking feel sometimes. I finally found words to describe it, god I am so marvelous. As if anyone cares. bye.