Phew, I’ve finally found time to blog. But I haven’t been in good mood lately particularly cuz of exam, and another stuff. Whatever.  Today is the start of end of year’s, English paper. It wasn’t very bad, challenging though. Like always, why would the teacher set something easy for exams, right? Guess so. Where are you, my intensive study mood?!?!

So tomorrow’s children day, don’s gonna be at home enjoying himself with books cause PSLE is coming, muahahahhaa. While me, is gonna do Chinese paper, equally horrible. It’s one week more to the rest of the paper, bear with it bear with it bear with it!

I went F1 last Friday, and guess what?!





But oh well, its the last F1 ever in Singapore. The cars were practically roaring, freaking freaking louddddd.

I didn’t when there to see the zoom zooms, i mean it was part of it. I just wanted to watch Daughtry!

30 yet charming ♥

 @ Marina bay sands

Mid-autumn festival!

Alright, all the overdue pictures. seeya.