Happy mid-autumn festival 🙂

“If today just isn’t your day, maybe tomorrow will be. And if tomorrow isn’t, perhaps the next day will. You won’t know how long it takes for the right day to come, but everything probably will work out right one day, if you try and don’t give up.”

People should really love themselves for who they are, and not trying to be someone who they’re not. You may feel inferior to others because of your looks, shape and size, but everyone is different, you should really know you are beautiful just the way you are. Maybe you just need someone to remind you that or love you for who you are. The world should really stop comparing, and stop judging others, after all, we’re not flawless.

8 more days to English papers, approximately 2 weeks to the rest of ’em. I need to put studies as my first priority. I believe I can take this mountain down if I try. It’s not that difficult, i know it isn’t :’)