Life, as short as is it spelled, is that short. Perfect moments cannot last, enthusiastic love will fade, a green leaf that soon turn orange in fall, so treasure them.  

Life, and easy, have similarities yet are world apart. Where both of them have four letters, in fact, life equals tough. So fight for the things that belong to you, smile and live like there’s no tomorrow. You won’t know when life is going to end.  

Life, will eventually hurt us. People that surrounds us in our life, they walk into your heart but some of them won’t stay. Some would eventually walk out, leaving a scar in you. Know who is worth to be hurt for; your true friends, your loved ones, hold them as though they are glass that may break anytime.

Learn that Life is ever-changing, like how the Earth don’t stop rotating. Face it, nothing remains the same, then, learn to move on.

Maybe I’m still learning how to live my life. 

I ♥ milk tea, margarita, and takoyaki from plaza singapura. Bye 🙂