Okay this is it. I really don’t get stuff anyway. Dang it, how confusing can everything be? I give up trying to understand life, really, I’ll just live a day by it. I’m done with sitting in buses alone and then my thoughts start to linger everywhere, though i like it, but nah-uh. But you know, deep inside, we actually know it all, we just won’t face it and hope something better will happen.

Chinese period today was really horrendous. It seems like someone was casting a sleepy spell on me, I could even fall asleep while standing just now. Guess it seems like staying till 1am or even later to study or sometimes insomnia comes knocking on my door, it doesn’t work. Heavy eye bags, gosh. And another thing is, i really really need some motivation to study. Dance has been everyday this week, and i’ll be like so tired and moodless. So we’re gonna be like released at 11.55am tomorrow which is darn awesome, not really though because i’m skipping chemistry, when chinese is more suitable to be skipped. But still, we’re gonna perform for colour awards @ NYP. Lets pray we don’t screw it up. Seeya.