Say hello to the upside down world, where you thought everything was real. You hold to promises that soon will be broken, hopes that seems so surreal, and secrets all revealed, friendships that were probably just lies, and perhaps loving without trust.

Want to run? cause i feel like. School is reopening in a day, i really really really hate to admit it. Piles of books adding on, aside from the already mountainous books on my table. Hats off to those having holidays still. Some still hates it, and i’m speechless about that. Oh well, accept reality.

So i went out with Beaunice yesterday, it was a very last minute thing. She called while I was having tuition, and she thought i was having ginseng tea, how does it ever sound alike?! So we head downtown to get costume for one of our dance mate. Had a really awesome time with her at last, sorry for keeping you though you was dead tired ):

hehe i like this, it looks coool.

our astonished quek.

I somehow likes this too, it’s funny!

and uhuh, us.

So today wasn’t very much interesting. I skipped physics today in attempt to get some homework done, instead I failed so badly. Oh god, what have i done?! Went to have dinner in the evening, and then went to find  Xiuyuan and Wilfred. Hasn’t seen the retards for quite awhile nao. I had icecream for my supper, but it flew off my hands, and bam onto my hair. My long lost icecream ):

Argh, i really feel like taking a loongggg looooooooooooooooooooonnnngggg MC tomorrow, so bye.