Sup, holidays has been so holiday-ish. Not. Dance and more dance everyday, because our performance is in like 8 days time. My legs are cramp like mad, they have been really stressed up recently. Argh, at the same time, I’m reminded how exams are coming too. Homework and revision, I’ve yet to start any ): ): ): ):

Anyways, the world biggggg, and in your life you’re going to know like hundreds of people. Hundreds of people with different opinion of you. Let’s just say that we should live and be yourself, not for others. What’s with people trying to be somebody their not, and their real self is hidden. If you’ve got someone to look up to, they inspire you. Then again, trying to be them and inspired to strive hard to stand the same is two different thing. Not say i’m not like that, perhaps at times I’m no different, but at least i’m still myself at the end of the day. At least i’m not living to please others, and i’m proud of that. People should like you for who you really are, and if they don’t, they don’t deserve to have you, not even as a friend. Whereas, people thinking that the world only revolve around themselves is different thing. They don’t give a damn about what others feel. Being so inconsiderate, take biased priorities. There are times where we’re all like this, but i really dislike this kind of people, so let’s not be like this. After all, if you don’t want to be judged, don’t judge. Right? πŸ™‚ If you don’t like me, my character for what is it, then just scram, really.

My life is weird now, i don’t know, like seriously. But i feel me being rewind. Yet again, the world spins, everything change. Unfamiliar..

So yesterday after dance we had a mini surprise for Min jun. How, you like the really small cake from us? πŸ˜€ Were you disappointed it’s not from W(willy wonka, kidding!)? Hehehe, kidding. So Lina didn’t join us partly because she was tired. And broke. Went down to town after that, shopped but it wasn’t really fruitful. That’s bad. Though, it still feel great because I haven’t been shopping for quite a while now. The Gerlissa met us, kind of for dinner, and we called it for the day!

‘Enuff talking. Camera, lights, action~

Fishball noodle, so birthday lunch, i know.

Love this, even though the person behind was kind of extra.

Great idea huh, to camwhore in the middle of a shop!

ohm nomz.


Love you girls β™₯

So anyways, Happy belated birthday, Chew Min Jun!

Thanks for being an awesome friend, you know we can always be so straight forward to each other. Stop being so paranoid, really. Love yourself for who you are! Study together soon β™₯

Meanwhile, I’ll try to be a hardworking girl and take better care of myself so i’ll get well soon. 2 packets of mushroom sweetz from ikea is waiting for me, yum yum. byez.