Okay so it’s like 12.46am right now and me’s stomach is rumbling like mad.
Today was teacher’s day celebration and it was somewhat boring(honest opinion). I didn’t do much today either, didn’t went back to YZPS, didn’t meet Gin… But i caught step up 3 and it was hell yeah, awesome!! And i’m quite sure I am kind of doomed because I haven’t study for geography test(which suppose to be on the monday, but i went on MC) which most likely gonna be on thursday. And homework. Screw school life man. But it’s okay cause we’re gonna bid farewell to Zaki in like 2 weeks plus and which reminds me that exams are in 3 or 4 weeks plus too. Darn.

I’ve got nothing else to say, so let the pictures do the talking 🙂

Guess where did Bells hid?

In my cupboard of bags when i was packing it ~.~

aw, cute! Pepper isn’t that cooperative lor.


love mommy.

And love my shirt, bye! 😉