Since the day we’re born, we’re slowly learning how to love and appreciate life. It’s not because we should be thankful that we’re alive, it’s more of trying to be contented life. Sometimes we don’t dislike life just because we are meant to, but because when you receive, you lost something at the same time. As humans, we don’t like losing our things. But after all, it teaches us to cherish them. We can’t have everything in the world, because then we’ll know how to earn things. Humans don’t capture photographs just for the fun of it, but to save the happy moments. During our life time, we have more sad then happy memories. Photographs contains our happiness and nostalgia.

The poor are happy even being lack of so many necessities, they got something money can’t buy. The rich are sad despite having all the money in the world, but that’s something the poor don’t have. The middle class are poor and happy, they have some happiness, and some cash, that’s something the poor and the rich yearn for too. In life, we only can have limited things while we can’t have the other. We learn, we love, we lose, we cry, we cheer, yet at the end, when we’re gone from this world, we will all be equal again. So while you’re living, do you want to go left where nothing is right, or right where nothing is left?