So lets turn back time to 6th August.

Almost everything started right. We met at Tampines mall to have our lunch and we bought a cake(or rather 9 cupcakes) and we headed to our destination. Never surprise someone if you know nothing about where they stay, because we had a really hard time finding Lina’s house indeed. It was really hilarious though, our trip there! So Beaunice acted as some delivery retard and we all peek-a-boo Lina 🙂

So our plan did succeed, right? ^^

Hi dearest, hope you liked it!

Spartan, he’s freaking adorable.


Loveliest bunch of sisters.

So sweet 🙂

So I had the time of my life with my best friends around me. Maybe the planning part sucked alot, and me Minjun and Gerlissa ended up discussing about maths anyways… But still, we worked really hard to made that day happen right?! Well, at least Lina enjoyed it.

And to my dearest sister/bestfriend/bf/whatever,

Happy Birthday! 🙂 Love you till the sky drop down ♥
And oh yah, thanks for allowing me to grab the pictures. hehe.

Its been ageeeesss since the last family gather. Despite being said i grew FATTER
(which apparently they say its a good thing cause I was too skinny.)(A super sensitive word like i know that right), I still enjoyed yesterday quite a lot. Margarita (Y)! You’ve never seen how my family go crazy when they’re drunk, it’s… WOW! But still, a very fun bunch.

Grandma followed us home yesterday and we went to Changi Airport today. Ultimately, they should have more shops outside because Changi airport = 0% GST! Awesome. But it was quite boring because of the lack of shops lah. Anyway, YSL Baby doll caught me like woah~ I need a trip to Marina Bay Sands with an ATM card sooooon, so i can get like everything i want (as if it’s gonna come true).

Till then, cheryl.