Perhaps hoping summer wouldn’t be over.

While in the midst of doing holiday homework, I am like wishing for the next one to come already. I’m doing last minute work again. I know, because I had a thought of  lots of ‘tomorrow’. But I had a lot of fun this holidays, with friends and all. I (sometimes) won’t feel bored staying at home all day, thanks to you Jeremy 😀

School is reopening in 2 days time. I just checked my timetable and realized it’s gonna be hectic again. Like the start of the year, definitely worst. Especially on the first day when 3 subject of homework, which I have yet to complete, is due. Argh! 2 periods of Chinese on Fridays, double argh.

So anyways, Letters to Juliet is a nice movie. A little draggy, but soooo romantic! And I’m gonna catch Eclipse with Beaunice quek soon, excited! GSS have not end, I wanna grab some last minute stuff, since I didn’t went much shopping during this 1 month.

and yes, Choose Juicy; Juicy Couture!