Homework are such turn-offs. Does it explain why I’m not even done with any of ’em? 😀
Buuuutttt… I keep tellin’ myself, 1 more week, 1 more week, 1 more week is all I have left. ONE more week/:

Whatever. Okay. Let me turn time till 12am now.
Happy Birthday, Xiuyuan!

I’ve been saying same things every year, like every year indeed. So  I don’t know what to write. hmm. You’re great because you are awesome? Rubbish! okay lah. You’ve been a great listening ear, a great friend, a great brother! The upcoming bash is like’a revenge, wooohooo!  ♥


back to earth.
You know. 2 diligence oh nine’s gathering!

Success rate: 9.5/10
Fun? You bet!
Don’t you just miss the ‘back then’s. And now here we are, heading towards different routes yet with the same heart.

And our clique.

And those who took time to attend!

And the guys who always had us laughing our heads off!.