For the past years of my life, I thought that Flag day was selling flag till yesterday. Seriously. Okay, go ahead and laugh.

But stickers…? Why not Stickers day? :O

The place that we’re ‘helping’ was like so deep far end at Amk. So luckily, I met with Amira, Geradine and Jacq first in the morning for breakfast. And Germaine later. Was grouped with Germaine, Seeying, Weifang and Shihao, and proceeded to Yishun to ask for donations.

Flag day, definitely not easy. Some people, they just walk pass us as if their deaf or something and some just u-turn at the sight of us. What, we’re humans, not ghost or spirits or whatever! But still, there are kind Singaporeans that came to ‘auto’ donate. Overall, it was kind of fun and well, a good experience i guess? 🙂

Was tired and famished, thank god I joined Mom and rest of ’em for grandma’s high tea. The restaurant was 72-storey high! The food was awesome, me love!