Thanks for telling me what i needed to hear since decades ago. I’m convinced and all already ๐Ÿ™‚
The truth or more lies, no point going on, chasing for an answer that doesn’t matter anyway. Part of everything is actually putting ’em down.ย  Maybe it seems like it’s running away to some, but what if it’s the best way? Yes, things don’t always, or in fact, never go the way we want them to be, so we just gotta’ accept it and look at the brighter side of eveything. Face it.ย  At least, now I know.


Did I mention i met Gin just yesterday, for lunch? Oh yeah, so I did. After so long. Love her!


I haven’t started my homework, because I’ve been changing my blogskin for like the whole afternoon. I’m trying to start! Seems like i’m not motivated at all. And i haven’t do anything for tomorrow’s oral. Gosh.

Eff. I hate the pimple scars on my face. I need to get rid of them. how how how?!


this is baddddd. bye.