It’s an undeniable joy that examinations are finally over. Well, for almost all. This whole week had been seriously hell. Seriously serious. Days after days, trying to be motivated to have at least the last chance to fix things right, but no. Sometimes I even felt like giving up. And yes, it sucks totally, I was and is still currently am lack of beauty sleep. Worst part is, eyebags and pimples.

Examinations this time was REALLY(emphasizing the really) challenging. How I should put it, uhmmm, I think I screwed a few of my papers. Especially my sciences. Screw pure subjects. I’d be jumping with joy if my report book doesn’t state a ‘F9’. And the weather those days weren’t even cooperating at all, so screw you too, weather!

For now, I’m unprepared of knowing my oh-so-awesome results. I need to distress! If there’s such thing as to upgrade memory space in brain, i do need ’em, cuz my brain is overloaded. And for the distressing part, I went shopping with Gerlissa, Minjun and Lina @ 313. Shopping, one of the best methods for ladies to distress! You know, i know, we all know. But we had a lot of fun too, didn’t we? 🙂 Ahhh, i love you all!

I’m also excited, yet not very excited for holidays. Contradicting, i know. But i’m looking forward to the trip to universal studios and great singapore sales, and 2 diligence’s gathering, and and meet ups! And well, the not-very-look-forwards are supplementary, homework, and tuition. Citing from this mid-years, i really do need to buck up.

bye to the world!