The human nature: People always pretend to be okay, even though their not.

Don’t you know how i feel right now?! Like arghhhhsxzsxzsxzsxzsxz, FML!
Examinations. Yes you, major culprit. I feel so depressed now, when especially when I’m doing practices. Like, the amount of un-do-able questions. Not funny at all. Where are you, dance practise, shopping, movies? I sooo need you now!  

Other then that are the total utterly crapish rubbish cluttering in my life. Damn, you all can find your time really well! Needless to say, life obstacles; we all have to overcome it someday. Shut up mind, stop thinking so much. So what, why should I care?

Come on Cheryl, you can do it 🙂 

At the end of the day, we all have to go through the rain before getting to admire the most mesmerizing rainbow.

And yes, i’m gonna get so sick one day if I continue my daily routine of sleeping after past midnight and waking up early. Look at those pimples popping out already, and those horrible eyebags!! I’m gonna study with Minjun again tomorrow. All the best, awesome one, all the best.