Hey dearest me, happy birthday to you 🙂
You are not old, still a young kid ♥ Hope you’ll do well for this coming examinations and have the motivation to study. It’s not easy, but impossible is nothing. Remember to always smile, and stay happy!

So refreshed, astonished; joy.

I’ve got a very awesome birthday this year. Woken up by mama’s horrible birthday song specially meant to wake me up, how thoughtful, haha! Actually, I had an early night, went to bed by 11.15pm (okay, not really), but got woken up by calls anyway. So yeah, I ended up back to lalaland at 12~1am.

Beaunice called me: hey cheryl, you know the geography(or what, i forgotten) homework? The page 210…
Cheryl: -knows what beaunice is up to- Oh haha yeah.. oh shucks i never do!
Beaunice: Oh wait, i lost a page! Give me 1 minute to find…
-1 minute later..-

Sheeesh, that’s what I did to her! Freaking hilarious. But this girl has and is very awesome. Thank you, like very much, for what you did for me today (the card and those ‘project papers’)! Yeah, maybe we’ve been really bad friends to each other, but you know the bond.. the i-can’t-deny-and-you-can’t-lie bond. Totally! 🙂 Beaunice zhen PANG4 (by pang4 she meant awesome)

Lina too, thanks for the lovely and awesome card! You’re more awesome then your card though, don’t be jealous, hahaha! Aww, i don’t know what to say anymore. Tongue tied.

PUNY, for being so awesome, for texting and attempting to call, and posting on my wall!♥
Xiuyuan too, for the dog that flew back from Thailand!♥
Germaine, Seeying, Amanda too. Kingston too. 🙂 Not forgetting, my Swensens 2 days back! Don’t you just love affirmations?!

Oh yes, the best part. I’ve got birthday songs from English to Chinese to Malay, how’s that man! (wishes in Japanese from Weifang) You know, the magnificent and wondrous 3 respect♥ And yes, Harriet, for helping me to do duty today! And then i had lunch with Lina aftermath, at first was only us, but met till Justin and Nigel. Galilee! Jeffrey and Timothy came. 2 diligence ohnine, always so amazing 🙂 I totally cannot wait for another gather, excitingggg!  

Argh, the only bad part is, my phone broke down on me yesterday. I can’t upload any pictures now.  

Thanks, humans on earth, for the wishes via sms or facebook. Facebook really does wonders. I’ve also got a really touching one. I can’t believe it’s gonna be 12 soon, in 4 hours time from now. Oh well, I’d better get back to my homework.

Examinations are round the corner, best of luck 🙂