To a place so magnificent.

Fun’s over. Time to get back into my main priorities.
I feel so dumb recently. Like nothing can get into this brain of mine. Sometimes i feel so helpless not understanding a thing in class, or in tuition. I realized my common sense is really at a horrible despondency. Examinations’ coming, i am scared. Kind of. Maybe i had been having too much fun. I don’t know. Either which, i am still not gonna be shaken by all this craps. I’m gonna do my best, regardless what. After all, stress is part and partial of life.

Fun meant having dance practices everyday for the last month. You can’t deny it’s joy. The amount of contagious laughters filling through the studio and all those weird actions. We’ve bonded that much through this whole month. Cafe D’Amore was hence a success, i mean as for us dancers, we had fun on stage, didn’t we? 🙂

Hot pink, Awesome pepper!

dearest Joan 🙂 

Priceless memories.

So, moving on… Sunday.
Oh yes, a day i cannot forget. I mean, it may be nothing much, like any me-and-minjun-study-day, but suddenly there came a Lina popping out from nowhere with a chocolate emicake on her hands and a birthday song was deafening and enthusiastically sang with paper candles behind the cake. No joke, paper candles, very creative indeed huh? They were then trying to smash me with the cake, but kinda failed. Thanks girls, for this little surprise, i was touched to tears ♥
(I’ll post the pictures next time, my phone’s giving me problem)

I’ve got awesome friends no doubt 🙂

And but not least, today’s sisters’ 1 year plus anniversary!
Happy Anniversary, Sisters

Okay, I’m done with blogging. And I’m going to bed as soon as I can, cause I’ve been having insufficient time in cheryland, resulting in panda bear-look-a-like eyebags. Scary or scary?  Bye.

This is terrible, it’s not how I should feel. Get back up on your feet, girl.