Here comes a moment in life where everything starts to change. You lost a friend, you lost trust, you lost a love, you’re trapped in a mess, you can’t breath and just got sick of everything. You’re so exhausted, so much that you want to give up, thinking the whole world is opposing you, and you’re in a state of despondency…

Then here comes someone special, who teaches you how to get back onto your feet, faces the world with you, accept you for who you are. That’s when you know that you gained the most valuable thing in the world. That’s when you learn to move on, not because you are weak, but because you woke up from your dream. That’s when you learn that who’s ephemeral and who’s true in your life. And you gaze up the dazzling black sky filled with stars. You breathe for the first time.

In life, not everything will go your way. Sometimes, even a beloved will leave you behind. It’s not for yourself to blame, because by then you’ll learn that who is the one that worth your love. People come and go in life, it’s just a matter of time, but not everyone does that. Some will settle in with you, your true friends.