Where has the rainy season gone too?  
The weather has been so not awesome recently. It’s becoming too sunny everyday. Insanely humid, too hot for my liking. Dearest rain, do come back to visit soon,  i miss you very much! Half of the time you’ve been away.

So anyways, what’s my point of posting? Moaning about another week ended? Perhaps so, but mainly…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIEWMENG!Say hello to the old dude. Old but as childish as ever! Puny’s too great. A whole essay of dedication letter wouldn’t even be enough. Actually, just joking! I would not even know how to start one if i’m give such a topic, haha! But still, BFF, you’re awesome thing. Love pink? Hey me too! ♥

School has been such a bore. Concert’s coming too. Common tests too. Examinations too. Aaargh. Can’t wait for all this craps to be over soon. I’m going home so tired everyday, so exhausted that I’m not finishing my homework these days and still sleeping at 12, trying to concentrate. Thank god, gonna have a study date with MJ, I seriously need to catch up on studies. Then again, I’ve a lot of fun with dance mates during rehearsals indeed.

Go Cheryl, you can do it ! 🙂

If time could slow down, there’s so many stuff I want to do. I want to make things right, I wanna spend more time with mom shopping or to the theaters or even having tea breaks. I wanna have more time with my dearest girls/friends, I want to clear my doubts ’bout the recent everything and get my mind back into studies.I want to sleep till’ like nobody’s business, just look at those dark eye-bags! Time passes really fast when you’re having fun though. (Unlike Chinese lessons, 1 minute seems like an hour.) At times like this, i’m getting really uninterested of everything, even small little stuff. When problems come, i’ll be like so sick to care about matters, I just don’t want to care. It’s time to wake up, and not escaping anymore. Time to get the priorities right. All the best!

Love, me.