Finally, handed in all the projects. Yet, still been rather hectic. You know, dance and homework and tests. I’ve got no motivation at all to do my homework at all. I’ve no idea why too. Because i’m too tired? or what… Mid-years are coming soon, I’ve to get my engine started. And yes, stop thinking too much, and concentrate. Digressing, i still don’t get a thing about geography. Despite trying to stay awake today with mentos and all, seriously. doesn’t help at all!

 Yes, i think too much!

 The disappointment with people thru’ people. Trust takes years to build, but a second to crush. I tore it off, at last. Memories that are awesome yet hurting, worth to keep or throw? No, i’m not escaping. It’s just that what’s meant to be, will be. what’s with people these days? so unpredictable. So, it’s nice to know that there’s some that will still be there for you. ♥

I don’t know what to type anymore. My mind’s not working right now. I’m wearied. 

April’s coming though. Hope it’s gonna be an awesome month. Cafe@HIHS, and then 22nd 🙂 Looking forward much? Maybe.  Need to get out more, to shop or to chill out or perhaps a movie, all will work!