There’s so many first time in life.. The first time you cried, the first time you hurt, the first time you love… Yet we don’t realize them at all. So when was the last time you did something for the first time?

I can’t believe school holiday is ending tomorrow!
This school holiday is the worst one I’ve ever had in the past years of my life. Homework-wise, i meant. You can’t count it as a really sucky school hols, I don’t mind going back to school for dance everyday, it’s pretty fun. But homework…

I’ve realized that I haven’t completed some of them, i thought i completed most of it already. I’ve noted that I didn’t even study for any single test in the next upcoming week. Am i so screwed? English and geography project isn’t even done. Damn yes, i think i am that screwed.

Next week onwards is gonna be so stressed up for me. Dance and projects will colliding. And then I wouldn’t have time for tuition. And study, for testS. It’s so amazing how teachers thought that we students really spent our holidays doing nothing, therefore throwing us piles of homework. We don’t take just 1 or 2 subjects, we take bloody 7 subjects!  So yes, FML!

Told mom that, dad over heard too. They started complaining about me not having good time management. Yeah, partly so. But the thing is, we’ve dance and project in just ONE week, so how’re gonna like do everything together? Oh god oh god oh god. I wanna bang my head against the wall, I’m going bonkers before school even officially starts! It’s like, i’m in despondency.

Digressing, i really hate songs with really sick lyrics. Like ‘Imma Be’. Hey I didn’t even know that until i went to google the lyrics. Lag or what? But still, dislike!

So anyways, finally met Puny that day! Compass point’s Sakae is really not for normal human’s consumption. The food sucked, and we payed so much for it. So, no no, i’m not ever going back again. I HATE CHU SAKAE! 
 But we had an awesome time chatting, no? And thanks for the Pocky! Puny miss Pepper a lot, hah!   😀

So school’s starting in a few hours time huh? catastrophe of march school holidays. Being optimistic, it’s gonna be April soon. It means… Yours Truly’s birthday! It’s gonna be a lot of people’s birthday too. And I’m gonna spend a bomb again. And yes, I don’t get to shop again..


But hell yeah, It’s my birthday too! LOL 🙂 So yeah, i’m going off to bed now.
Bye dear holidays.