Maybe part of loving is learning to let go.  ~From the television show The Wonder Years

Yesterday’s evening was plain awesome.

So, we had a mini surprise celebration for Beaunice 🙂 Oh, fine, i spoilt the surprise a little. ♥’s were Cheryl, Beaunice, Lina, Justin, Nigel, Timothy, Christophe. I love Beaunice’s oh-so-touched face. Feels that everything we planned was kinda worth it. No? 🙂 ohoh, the cake was darn awesome too! very squashy indeed. But rather then a celebration, it was more of a small 2 Diligence gathering. I miss 2dil a lot. We chatted, we laughed like nobody’s business, we caught up with each other, we gossiped. Love it! Bunch of jokerz 😀

And I also found out I need to go on a shopping trip soon!!!!

Say hi to timothy!  Hey, it’s very cute okay.

 @ skypark.

Rest can’t be found. It’s in someone’s phone. someone is too lazy to upload ’em ):

 Today too, was awesome. Had dance, jive! How should I put it? Every dance sessions is so awesome as we’ll get really high. Like for no reasons. Haha! I didn’t know the sec 2 guys were so friendly until today. seriously! Ain’t we all excited for Friday’s vetting? SO NOT.!

Was very very very tired, dropped dead once i reached home. I think i’m too awake now! But still isn’t in the mood to do homework. Got pissed off just now cause i couldn’t find my pencil, so i shut the chemistry book off. Projects are being so annoying as well.

Mom is the best. Cause she and brother and dad went out, and i decided not to go since i was THAT tired. Digressing, i kind of regret not joining, it’s the best time to shop!  So anyways i texted mom to get me food for tomorrow’s field trip. Mom bought me like 2 boxes of tic tac, 3 sticks of mentos, 2 sticks of that grape stuff, a packet of chips and uh.. i forgot what else. ‘M not gonna gobble all up in a day though, i’ll just suffer from sugar rush.  Bye to the world.