Even after all this time the sun never says, “You owe me, Earth,” Look what happens with a love like that, it lights up the whole sky.

Say hi to the march hols.

It seems scary how fast time can pass. Like it’s March already?! Hey i thought it was only Febuary yesterday!

During primary school days, holidays to us were like a time to play, enjoy and relax and all. Somehow, I don’t feel the same now. Oh wait, it is indeed very, very very different. Littlest things that I know i’m not gonna get within this holidays, make me feel very depressed. Really. Things like getting to sleep till’ late afternoon, having your own personal time, or even hanging out with friends.

Rather, I’m already gonna be waking up at unearthly 6 in the morning. Come on, it’s a holiday, and I’ve to wake up THAT early almost everyday ?! Nicez. Adding on the hell-ish amount of homework and projects we’re getting from teachers. Amount of test we’re gonna have that’s all gonna count into CA2 after school reopen.

Life like this serious SUCK!

So is some stuff giving me headache. I’m a zombie now, mind is clogged up with too many stuff to even function properly. I’m going bonkers ):

I need a BREAK!

To know that I may not be even meeting some friends like Gin, till next term? semester? holiday? God knows.  Puny too. Others too. For the fact that I’ve been promising to meet since last year, it feels like I’ve been breaking promises. So sorry!

So yeap, life moves on…… World’s spinning every moment, every second is ticking.

And yesterday was white day. A month after February 14th 🙂

Back to math, talk to the hand. Bye.