Anyone can easily walk away from somebody else. Nobody is forced to stay; we all have choices. But the real test is if someone would rather stay with you, even though walking away would be so much easier. 

Okay, I changed my mind about making time for other stuff during holidays. I realized that it’s kinda impossible as practically packed with stuff. Yeah, awesomeeeee.

Major culprit: ProjectS -.-

Well at least, the science and geography field trip sounds a little interesting, no? Kind of, to me, after that hellish 1hour talk today. But the worst part would be the write up and all. English’s project is almost done, just the filming part. Heartdrops ♥. I have not a single idea for physic’s project though. Confusing much.

So yesterday night was kind of a terror. Wasn’t able to sleep, when i was really tired already. Got up my bed at 12am, and i don’t know.. My mind was just filled with ridiculous stuff and just couldn’t get out. I can’t believe I’m suffering from insomnia this way. Kind of weird. But yeah, very confusing indeed.. this sucks. It goes the same during lessons. Sleepy yet unable to fall asleep. Thinking of it, it might be a good thing, but the feeling’s horrible.

In the contradict, i’m feeling so good right now. After all, there’s so much things to look forward for! Well, exclude those bad stuff. Like hmm, I’m dying to watch ‘Alice in the wonderland’? Yeap, on 3 Respect’s gathering. ‘m gonna be there with Germ for sure. And on the Tuesday with Beaunice. I feel so pathetic, only 2 stuff that made me feels it gonna be so mind-blowing. But oh well..

 ‘coincidence’ yeah.

A small bit of languor as well. I slept on hard wood for like 20 minutes just now when we’re in the midst of doing project. Har har.