“If sadness is what happens when you turn your anger inwards, hope is what happens when you turn your happiness, outwards.”

I’ve realised it’s been long since I met Gin. Or maybe even talking to her. I wish I have the time to sweep my oh-so-busy schedule off just for a day. It’s been long since we went out together! That is, if I could, i would. And the fact that I’m going to find time for doing other stuff other then just studying and more studying. How lifeless.

I’m tired from the whole day of dance, yet I don’t feel like sleeping. Today was rather awesome. 3 days a week is so cool! Spent my dear evening with Audrey Beaunice Chloe & Peanut for dinner. It’s been long too 🙂  Awesome!

Today marks off the ending of a week. Today’s also gonna be the last test for the semester, and I’m gonna say: bye bye semester, not gonna miss you 😀  Digressing, physic test was held today. Hey, i thought force was an easy chapter. It was so not! However, I guess it was better then the last one. So anyways, CA was a total bullshit. I’m glad I’ve not fail any results, yet. Average passes don’t really satisfy me. I really need to stop lazing around! It’s just that, actually, I kinda screwed them with a screwdriver, like uhm a-math? I think i did well for the common test, but the total percentage turned out to be only crappishly 57% , and why is that so? I freaking failed almost all my class tests by 1-3 marks.

I feel like eating ice-cream suddenly. I only eat it when I have the mood too though. And i’m having the i-want-ice-cream mood now ):

For a fact that I’ve been recalling really hard for this post… no hope. Deal with the short posts nowadays, dear blog. My life hasn’t really been any interesting lately.