Oh great oh great oh great oh great.

I think i think i screwed my e-geog and e-math test. awesome es. Of course I don’t hope to fail! I think a-math was easier, and I’m the only one thinking like this. okay, perhaps i kind of forgot last year’s work. Anyways, we (me Germaine Wf and Sy) had the most cool way to celebrate finishing a test. No, we don’t open champagne, we open sweets πŸ™‚

On the brighter side, friday’s the last chem test for the week. And on the darker side.. there’s more tests next week! Lucky there’s no anything tomorrow, i need to gasp some fresh air.

I think I’ll thank god if there’s issn’t Chinese for a day. Sometimes, i can’t stand her. Or rather, everytime. She’s so ridiculous if she wants to. Class has always been so interestingly boring. So, take a break, have a white kinder bueno cause it’s totally oiishi πŸ˜€ Thanks ahjie for it!

Anyways, counting down to holidays, 3 more weeks to bear. But 1 week holiday don’t help much, i think it’ll be filled with projects and homework. Geog/science field trip, and of course i’m much more looking forward to outing with Lina.

Haha,Β  lina thought that goh chok tong or the lee hsien loong is our president -.- Last but not least, Happy Belated to Sky!