Yesterday was being a bitch!
(note: yesterday meant the day before today, was being the bitch.)

Though i pretty much forget what I spent my day. I’m much to 100% sure I dead tired and my mind wasn’t functioning very well, others’ too. So yeah, I actually wanted to walk through the whole anchorvale park during cross country with the girls (and wanted to make a u-turn which i found out there was a way to do so long before i actually reached and saw the darn ulu place). So anyways, i somehow was lost between 2 groups: the ones that walked and the ones that ran, so I was in the middle. Jog and stop and jog and stop. I don’t see how the dirty murky water with the non-awesome scenery is so a-w-e-s-o-m-e, i think it sucks. Was tired but nice. I’ve no idea why it was nice, it’s just nice.

Oh, I remembered talking to Mdm Suzie with Lina yesterday, we asked her why she didn’t ran with us. She said she hurt her leg. Aww, get well soon, we look forward to see you next year @ cross country! 🙂

And then after that, I died. Just kidding! I was much high afterwards, I’ve no idea why yet again. I think my mind was half asleep already, but so anyways me Germaine and Amanda went to catch ‘Valentine’s day’, the movie. When i got home, exhausted mentally and physically, dad pulled me out for dinner! I sulked but i laughed at other stuff too through the night, how contradicting. 

I liked the movie, it’s cool. Both Taylors are so hilarious together. I like how Taylor swift acts 😀

Today is -insert word-.
Math supplementary for 2 hours was indeed brain wrecking. I think i can’t even count how many ‘huhS’ i said today. Now, I’m attempting to study for e-math test. The thing is, it’s very distracting at home, and I did 3 questions for around 3 hours ): I can’t believe i can even count the questions with a hand, haha!

Me and mom did something really silly just now. I pushed Bells and mom pushed Pepper towards each other. The end result of this experiment was freaking funny, Pepper chased Bells around the house and hold her down. Cute stuff.

bye to the world.