When I’m thinking deep, I feel so ridiculous. What’s past?

Chinese new year for me was not bad.
For a good start, reunion dinner’s food was one of the best I’ve eaten in in my whole life. I think I got lesser red packets compared to last year too. But what you receive is actually what your parents gave out, no? 🙂

The best part of cny for me is the delicacies and quality time with family. Thinking of it, I haven’t had bakkwa for a year or so! How pathetic. And sweets, and steamboat for 3 consecutive days! Blackjack and such with cousins are awesome too! Lost and won a few, net earning would be 4+ bucks o.o nice.

Was dreading that school starts on Wednesday!
1. Waking up at 5.40am
2. chemistry theory lessons is sooooooo soooo soooooo boring! (sometimes, i think i love physics)
3. how interesting can chinese be either?
4. Tests are the bestest thing that can happen next week. SO NOT!
5. Cross country which is like tomorrow ):

March holidays are in around 3 weeks. Waiting for 3 weeks for 1 week of holiday, worth it not? Kinda. Excited for the humanities and science field trip. Haha, I’m having second thoughts while typing this! And also another important stuff. I need to go out shopping to get some things soon!

So bye 🙂