Happy Valentine’s and Chinese new year Eve!

Yesterday, upon reaching school, i thought ‘what am i doing in school?’
Everything was pretty dull. Except the kite flying thing that took up our recess time. It issn’t so bad after all , everything was quite fun. The only thing is, the weather totally sucked, I think i became roasted just in 30 minutes or so. And the ultra annoying part, when the kite flew up, the wind stop, and down comes the kite!!

And so, i trekked/rushed home yesterday with Germaine. I thought again: remind me why in the world i actually went school today! Like i think it’s really waste of time, cuz’ the concert ended at 2!!!

So moving on, clique outing.
I must say it’s so awesome! Every moment brought us back to last year. My shoe was such a spoil spot though, it gave me 3 blisters. So annoying! I don’t mind having it again. Oh, I mean, itz a must to have another clique outing! Happy moments always don’t last long, loveleeeh evening πŸ™‚

Aw Lina, don’t cry or scold me, i think you are cute!

And the rest are still with minjun.

Today, i slept until 12. And if you’re thinking I’m such a pig, you got it wrong. Only people with small brains thinks like that! It’s cuz’, it’s important to have enough energy to spend on the amazing day ahead πŸ˜€

Done with spring cleaning, pepper and bells smells awesome, Mom wrapped red packets and my room is freaking neat. What’s left will reunion dinner(looking forward!!) and homework(please, don’t mention it): )

i’m off now, bye!