‘Camping’ at school issn’t very bad either. It’s quite interesting at times. Like uhm, helping to sort out clothes for tana river project. That’s the only thing i remembered.. Oh and, school was so empty. So anyways, today sec3s and 2s are back from camp. Lina sighted me and gave me a biggggg hug 😀 Aww, Lina ♥

Just bear with it, 2 more days, it’s gonna be holiday soon 🙂
Speaking of which, chinese new year. I realised that it issn’t about red packets, food or clothes. It’s about spending quality time with family. Really. And there’s clique gathering’s on Friday. Thanks Minjun for organising one! But then again, are we still a clique as a whole? Or some of us has already left..? Either way, I’m still looking forward to Friday!

These 3 days was really relaxing, and fast. I slacked through as well. I only accomplished some tasks i was suppose to do. I’m still left with studying for geog and chem test, and tuition homeworks. This year’s really issn’t easy.

Moving on, i really need a new bag and wallet! Mine’s in a horrible condition. Been around searching for one, for a few days. Nope, nothing suited me.

okay bye.