A week of test is finally over.

And finally finally finally over. I got over this something-to-be-happy-about fact really fast though, after one week of break, the rest of weeks are just tests and more tests. Like wow. The best part is, i freaking failed amath test with all the stupid careless mistakes. Physics test was hard. Out of ’round 6 tests, 2 test is alrdy goner. -inserts 100000billion sad faces-

Sweets should be daily supplied by school, due to the fact that I (and i believe Wei Fang too) can’t live through uber boring lessons without sugar rush. I found a way to keep myself awake, that’s to scribble. Another way is to eat sweets. It really helps, no joke.

I’m also not going camp like for some medical reason. Double the joy! And again, I just can’t stand this campsite. The worst among the worst, srsly. But somehow, this cohort, a lot people are skipping camp too. I don’t know why, but it’s seriously A LOT! Okay, a ‘lil exaggerated lah, but still more then usual.

What was i gonna say?

Oh oh. I love street jazz, it’s so awesome! 🙂 What’s more, the heavy rain. It’s like air-conditioner to Singapore’s weather. Dance + cold weather = totally loved!

Somehow, i think my weight decreased by 2kg. Or is it the weighing scale that’s spoilt ?! Like, it’s so impossible no? Maybe it’s possible, I’ve eaten lesser since having braces. Like dammit, i am gonna gain back more kilograms. And height. Don’t laugh !