Yet again, ima on MC. Simply cause I recovered and got sick again, how awesome! It’s not really a wise choice to always be on mc, though i know a lot of people is dying to get a MC just for a day. But, it’s really horrible. Really. I missed out 1h of physics, 2h of SPA chem lesson (kill me!), 1h of amath lesson (i will kill myself instead):) and most importantly, i missed out chinese!

Woohooo! Double the joy for missing out Chinese. Did i mention how my chinese teacher sucks? Now that I’ve mentioned it. I just don’t like her, or rather just cannot stand her! Brags and such, tsk.

So anws, what’s wrong with everyone?!

Sad to say, I’m not the only one falling ill now, a lot people out there too. Sick season? Great. Thanks friend for the concern. 🙂 I’m so going school tomorrow, and also so going dance >(

Having stomach flu really sucks, the pain just go on and off. Very horrible feeling. Like yesterday, being in school was like a chore, so hard to concentrate when the pain suddenly comes. So mom brought me to the doc again, that’s how i got 2 days of MC.

oh well, bye.