HAPPY 2010!
(@ Novatel)

It’s a brand new year again, just a blink in the eye. 2009 is a really busy year for us (streaming), filled with happiness and sadness. Quarrels and such, but it’s all over πŸ˜€

2010 would be uhm, a new environment kinda thing. And there goes my resolution~

1. To sleep early and wake up early! (not being late for school)
2. Mix around with new classmates.
3. Not to drift with Clique and friends.
4. Study harder! -> read books, not dread ’bout tuition and such.
5. Uhm, grow taller.*
6. Keep my room neat.
7. Not to sleep in class and do all my homework.*
(though i still do not approve of homework as we’re killing alot of trees): )
8. Eat healthier meals?
9. Not to spurge $, save more!
Lastly, to take better care of myself πŸ™‚ *

Like, so much resolution to fulfill this year! Easy to be said then done :C

Words to friends:

So anyways, thanks dearest Clique who always stand by me. Though we had quarrel and such, i doubt there’s any chance to quarrel again xD You all are the ones that brought joy to the first few years of my secondary sch life! We learn from each other, gain more knowledge, no? πŸ˜€

Beaunice, I wonder how we got close o: You always make me laugh, always act lame! Heart to heart talk with you, i feel i can tell you almost everything. Though we sometimes disagree on stuff, dislike this and that of each other, but we’re not perfect yeah! Stay strong k girl! (L)

Gin, 7 years and counting on! You always try to fork out time so that we can meet up. We have alot in common, no? πŸ˜€ Thanks for being there for me for the last 7 years of my life, rock on !

Puny, you’re always there for me. Someone i can rely on πŸ˜€ Cause you somehow always manage to help me on my sch work, so i think you’re smart, LOL. By the way, you somehow owe me a cake since 3 months ago!

Xiuyuan. Haha, always the joker, born lame(in terms of personality wise). It’s really great to have a friend like you! You taught me alot of δΊΊη”Ÿι“η† on self praise (?) πŸ˜€

Audrey and Chloe. Best dance mates πŸ˜€ We should lunch together again soon. Chatting with you all is really fun!

Rowena and Shixuan, we shall do the impossible possible, that is, going to lunch/out tgt! It’s k that we drift physically, but we’re still good friends mentally yeah?!

Jeremy, hi facebook stalker! This one month has been great mapling with you. But you still suck. lololol! And to the rest of friends: I have not forgotten you! πŸ™‚ –

Past few days was: (the ribbon on my head suck ._.)

Clique outing, very enjoyable and memoriable. Lunch @ Aston’s together was great! We should have some outing again someday, with Gerlissa πŸ™‚ See you all on thr 4th of Jan!

Count down ytd with Ganpapa/mama and family @ Marina bay/Esplanade. It’s been a long time! Ganpapa was cracking seriously lame jokes like: Don’t eat your noodle till next year! (which is like in afew hours time) The fireworks was very awesome, the most awesomest fireworks i’ve seen in Singapore! The crowd was overwhelming, road was jam till 2am while we were at Carl’s Jr having supper πŸ˜€

K ima attempt to do some work. Shall post pictures someother times. Bye!