Laughter is the closest distance between two people. -Victor Borge

I’m finally three quarter done for 3 person’s present, 1 done and 2 undone. Handmade stuff is totally fabulous ^^ I’m like, so lovin’ it. So this year I’ve decided to only get clique’s and Gin’s present as; 1. I feel that i’m a bad present chooser. 2. I am financially broke! 🙂

I hope clique outing is still possible~ Don’t throw my effort(on planning and the presents) down the drain please people. So, i am rather happy recently cause I’ve finally found a locket, which I’ve been finding since a year ago. Thanks to that day where me and Minjun kinda went bag hunting, I thought that it was really fun! ^^

K short post just for and update, btw my contacts have officially expired and I’m gonna get more soon. Keep the Christmas mood on 😀