I think some people don’t deserve to live. Those people that don’t cherish what’s around them, throw everything important aside, these people sucks. Like, can’t even compare to an animalor maybe even an insect. In the first place, what right have you to call us sluts? Do you even know what is a slut? By dictionary, slut means a person, especially a woman, considered sexually promiscuous. (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/slut) Did we do anything sexually? Lol? wth?! Mind you, it’s very very very insulting. If you don’t know how to admire, then just shut up. Thanks very much for your comment, but we don’t need it. What’s more, calling your beloved a slut? LOL? It’s the funniest thing i heard! If she’s a slut, why do you even bother to go with her?

Secondly, why must you spoil other’s perfect piece of life? You’re like being so selfish, so dumb, so eff up! Come on, get a life! You’re throwing a treasure into the sea, why won’t you wake up? Why must you make her so helpless, so sad. What does it benefit you?

Read my MSN PM: GO AND DIE. Yes, T? 🙂

You should know you don’t deserve all these, you deserve better. ❤

PSST. 2/9 of my christmas mood spoilt.

Hoho, kay, whatever. Christmas is coming, ima so excited alrdy! Me, Jojo, and Chloe jie jie’s plan are sooooooooooo awesome! 😀 Looking forward to presents and good food and such ~

Lol, I forgot that I suppose to meet Minjun on Thursday, i thought it was tomorrow ._.
~And, gna meet up with Claris and Lina to the FLYERRR!
~And Beaunice 😀
~Finally, homework must be done ):

Happy later birthday to Wilfred and Clayton! 😀

Okay cya.