Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple, and I wonder why.

I can never get more bored at times like this. After my trip from Phuket, i have been rotting at home doing practically nothing. Like 2 weeks just got wasted ._. Oh well, better cherish it before it ends. Anws, Ima going out with Minjun this Wednesday to find a bag.

Hehe, though i got a bag alrdy.I’ve got a new and cute bottle and shoe too. Bought school books. Pretty well prepared for school alrdy, no? OH WAIT NO, I haven’t done homework though, hahaha! Shucks.

Christmas is sure coming. I want candy canes! Uber love you know? Though its like Christmas is just another day of holiday to most Singaporeans, well idk.. I’m not a Christan so i don’t celebrate christmas, but I’m rather or very excited about it. To me, its like a bonding time with friends and family, perhaps?

So many things i have planned to do during the holiday have not been completed. Like, lunch with Rwna, meetup with clique(impossible), and 3 BFFs. Oh well /:

K, ending here.