Hi to the earth!

Was back to Singapore on the 2nd.
Phuket was.. how to put it? Rather boring I guess. There’s pratically nothing to do there. Shops only sold beach wears, really nothing to buy. Oh, however, the beaches there are so mesmerizing!! Clear water, soft fine sand… how in the world do you find all these in singapore O: There was one beach where you can even find hermit crabs! And and, the trannys there are very very pretty okay, not all lah, but most of them. Oh well, treat it as family bonding time. But i’m so happy cause i got a mao mao jacket!

Went out with Beaunice today, and caught New Moon the movie. I love spending time with her! 🙂 I don’t know how many times i said this, but, she seriously never fail to make me laugh everytime! Why? because we got stuff in common i guess, like uhm double eyelid, black hair etc. LOL. See, we have so much in common! Plus she stomps her foot, jump and talks in bimbotic voice. Ohmygod~.~

This picture, me like a lot, Beaunice has center parting!

So uhm anyways, New moon was okay okay lah. Like, it issn’t very awesome, and issn’t very bad either. Much fighting scene. And yeah, when Jacob (taylor) took off his shirt, everybody went like, WOAH! Serious, no joke!

Christmas is coming! Happy or what? Excited 🙂 But i think as the years go by, a lot of stuff change. Like you get lesser presents, sometimes even no celebrations just staying at home and stare at the teevee. Serious, there was once where i celebrated my Christmas like this. But i sure love the excitment in everybody! Lightings and decorations also gets me very amazed 😀 And you know what, i still believes that santa exist ~

Oh well, i really hope i’ll get lots of presents this year, especially SNOW GLOBES! 🙂 And, I can’t wait for more meet ups. I wonder when i’ll get my homework done though, or even to get my new school bag and shoes. So much to look forward to!

k bye for now.