Supsup 🙂

When you are in Love you can’t fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams.
–Dr Seuss

Today’s the Friday 13th. Today’s also 2 VIP in my life birthday:D

I know, this picture was so last year x.x

Happy Birthday to Gin!
Hey babe 😀 I’m glad I’ve know you, for 6 years some more. A friend like you don’t always drop by:) Through this 6 years of up and downs, we never drift, cause best friends don’t drift yeah? Smile always okay, BFF! Meet up soon, me love you ♥

Happy Birthday to Audrey 😀
Hi ahjie, you’re finally 15! Remember when we first met? We’re like so shy and all, but now..! LOL. This 2 years, you’ve been a great sis/friend to me, very caring and all. Let’s go shopping again one day 🙂 ♥ yoooouuuuu!

Okay, done with those delications.
Say hi to the new era, the cheryl century! Iambeingrandomcauseiamreallyboredhahahaha.

So yesterday, went to get ahjie’s nails done at somewhere around Hougang. Stupid nail shop, scam money one. Lol anyways, i got pretty nails nao 😀 Audrey too! Had Pepperlunch for lunch @ ard 3+, we were starving alrdy! v.v Had a nice chat while lunching, then went home.

At night, i made mama sit down and i played around with her nails, LOL. Inspired by the manicurist much? O: In the end, she got pretty nails too 😀 Couldn’t sleep at night though, i don’t know why also. Went to bed at ard 12.10 and counted sheeps/cow/goat/dogs/rabbit (i’m serious, cuz the sheeps does not work) at I finally slept at 3 ._.

Today was seriously slacky. Nice weather too 🙂
Tried to cure my boredom on maple but it does not work. Maple now is soooo boring, esp. bootes. Everyone quitted and is so empty ): How i miss 2007’s bootes, with friends and all. Really nice.

So current events would be; open house & ministeral visit – dance, meetup with claris to get our picture taken to make up for the bbq (LOL), shopping with minjun&gang and finally celebrating Girlissa&Kim’s birthday.

Did i mention i am going Phuket?! Oh yes, i’ll be off on the 28th Nov to 2nd Dec. Yay to shopping and food and nice beach 😀

Think i’m ending here, bye!