Oh hi, Imma from Respect, LOL πŸ™‚

7th Nov; Happy Birthday Kingston! πŸ˜€

Joshua ho, Christophe&Amanda, Eug&Kim, Justin, Seeying, Ger, Mj, Yx, Nana, Cher, Tits&Beau, Nigel and Jasper.

Okay so, class chalet was a blast! Met Germaine, and we headed down to Sentosa. Seriously, she scared me about the chalet thingy, like where we are going to stay. Yes, HUT. But it’s damn cosy, i like!

So basically, this BBQ was rather successful. After which we chatted back in the hut. Hut mates was Lina, Minjun, Jasper and Yuxuan. We tried to ton, but some was damn tired so we decided to sleep and wake up at 4am. But but but but but, this bloody bunch of people was having a party outside, very very very noisy!

@4, we woke up rather sleepily, the party was still going on okay! Crazy. (I mean, if it’s me i won’t say it’s crazy lah, but too bad i’m not!) Me, Lina, Minjun, Jasper and Shaoxuan trekked to the beach. Very nice when there’s only afew of us and the surrounding was awesome πŸ™‚ Planned to stay till sun rise, but itoo cloudy so we didn’t manage to catch it. We went back to our huts, and boom went back to sleep, LOL.

Blah blah blah. Woke up by Beaunice ‘OMGOSH CHERYL!!!’ you know, her excitment can be scary O: So me and mj accompanied her to the pool side.
Slacked > sign/book/log out from chalet > went for lunch > bowling. Bowling was cool, very humorous! Nigel’s a great bowler.

Now pictures.

Beaunice in the pool o.o

Taken @ beach when sky was still dark, at ard 5+?

Tried some light effect, candy cane much?

Minjun in my specs .

Cheryl with pillow!

Damn, i look rather ghostly.

‘Homo homo homo!’

Aw, my hut matesβ™₯ (Lina, Yuxuan, Jasper)

Memories like this last forever πŸ˜€


Kimberly the purple tree O:

Lina is white in flash, srsly.

Germaine & me πŸ™‚

Miss this bunch lots ): Yay, more meetups for holiday~ πŸ˜€

Well okay, bye.